November 10th - HO, N & Z Gauge Model Train Auction

  The Colorado Toy Train Group, LLC (CTTG) is sponsoring their final auction for 2018 to be held again at The Ranch Country Club. 22887 Tejon ST., Westminster, Colorado. 

Viewing begins at 8 a.m. and the auction will begin at 9 a.m.

This one-day, 390 lot, event is basically an HO auction with a few lots of N and Z gauge mixed in. The leading HO manufacturers include Rivarossi, IHC, Spectrum, Genesis and many more; while the Z gauge lots are primarily Marklin, like new models in the original boxes. The 28 lots of N gauge consists largely of freight cars and structures. 

Reviewing this large HO gauge collection reveals considerable diversity between common, every-day operating options and a fair share of upscale attractive choices. About one-half of the items are in the original boxes; while numerous flats containing several used freight cars are expected to offer exceptional value. There are over 100 lots of freight cars and kits, including a brass crane car and a smoking caboose. 

This impressive array of freight rolling stock is countered by over 20 lots of streamlined passenger coaches of various road names. The exciting lots of motive power includes over 32 choices of diesels, featuring a Spectrum CB&Q heavyweight, a Doodlebug and a PRR Tuscan GG1. In the big steam category, the choices are outstanding, with 2 Big Boys by Rivarossi and Genesis; a UP 4-8-4 with Sound; a 2-8-2 Mikado and a 4-8-2 Mountain, round out this group of heavies. There are over 20 choices for upgrading the steam presence on your layout.

Over 50 lots of structures and building kits give numerous opportunities for expanding industrial, retail and suburban areas on the layout. In addition to the 15 lots of scenery materials there are even more including people, vehicles and accessories. for enhancing the detail of your pike.  

If you are considering some expansion, there are over 25 lots of track and switches plus over 10 lots of power source options. For those who love to pick through parts cabinets or flats of various miscellaneous components and tools, an additional 17 lots of all sorts of “projects” should satisfy their craving. Finally, for the intellectuals, there are a few, (5) lots of impressive books on many aspects of railroads and model railroading, which should be of interest. 

Clearly, this eclectic collection of HO merchandise should provide something for all enthusiasts and pocketbooks. The large number of lots in “Like New” condition, in the original boxes, might offer some real value for holiday gift opportunities. All the details are available in the auction list which can be downloaded free from CTTG’s website, or Facebook. 

Questions can be emailed to John at or by calling him at 303-877-6799.

Click HERE to view auction photos.

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