April 27th - O & S Gauge Train Auction


The Colorado Toy Train Foundation (CTTF), in conjuncion with the Colorado Toy Train Group, LLC, (CTTG), is excited about sponsoring their first auction for 2019 on April 27th at the Denver Radisson at 4849 Bannock Street (I-25 & I-70). 

This 453-lot, 1-day program of O and some S gauge trains features largely Lionel postwar and modern, MTH modern, plus other popular manufacturers.  Viewing begins at 8:00  am and the auction will start at 9:00 a.m.

This is a high-quality auction with 50% of the lots in OB’s, including a few mint pieces still in sealed shipping outer cartons, and many like-new items which appear to be test-run only – if that. Both Lionel and MTH each comprise 35% of the lots with the remaining 30% including 22 lots of Flyer. Nearly half the Lionel lots are postwar. 

About half of the lots are rolling stock with 175 of them favoring freight cars and the remaining 40 comprised of passenger cars with various road names. The freight car assortment includes many flat cars with automobiles, construction equipment, and military loads. The feature piece in the freight category is a Lionel #3462 glossy cream operating milk car, which is bound to see very active competitive bidding among postwar attendees. The motive power category includes 22 lots of steamers featuring some Lionel postwar favorites, but the star in this group is a MTH 30-1129-1 UP Big Boy in the OB. For Diesel powered units, there are about 50 lots of various pieces. Lionel items include a Lackawanna FM with a maroon roof, a Texas Special F-3 with portholes in the B unit, and the most exciting lot is the #2338 Milwaukee Road GP-7 with a solid orange band through the cab. This should also have the postwar fans digging deeper into their pockets. 

There are over 50 lots dedicated to power supply and track items Major power sources include several Lionel 275-watt ZWs, and 2 MTH Z-4000s in the OB. Track lots from O and Super O to S gauge include straights, curves, and switches; the highlight of this category is a Wilson O gauge turntable. There are plenty of options for dressing up your layout or adding action features with over 60 lots of accessories and assembled buildings. Choice MTH pieces include a Hellgate Bridge in the OB, an operating Firehouse, and more colorful structures like the McDonald’s fast food restaurant. 

An attractive selection of complete sets includes 3 Polar Express sets with one of them in proposed mint condition. That’s not all. For the scholars this auction includes 20 lots of books and DVDs, focusing on railroad topics. Over 25 lots of miscellaneous items include 3 lots of heavy duty plastic tubs with lids. Our auctioneer, David, cannot wait for this one--with so many fantastic lots, he is sure to have a super active day.


Clearly, this exciting collection of toy train merchandise should provide something for all enthusiasts and pocketbooks. All the details are available in the auction list which can be downloaded free from CTTG’s website www.coloradotoytrain.org

Questions can be emailed to John Cullen at cullen3948@msn.com or by calling him at 303-986-9380

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May 4th - HO & N Gauge Train Auction


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The Colorado Toy Train Foundation (CTTF) in conjunction with the Colorado Toy Train Group LLC (CTTG), are excited about sponsoring their first HO auction for 2019 on May 4th at the Denver Radisson at 4849 Bannock Street (I-25 & I-70). This 393 lots, 1-day program of HO and a few N gauge trains, features 45 lots of Marklin engines and rolling stock, plus a multitude of other manufacturers including Athearn, Round house, Sunset and many more. There are 16 lots of brass diesel and steam locomotives, in the original boxes, which surely will create some competitive bidding. This is a high quality auction with 60% of the lots in OB's, and many are in "like new" condition, which appear to be test run only.

As usual, the most prominent category is freight cars, consisting of 124 lots of kits and ready-to-run models, many featuring Kadee couplers. The passenger car group, consisting of 23 lots, offers complete sets of many road names.

There are lots of options for motive power beginning with 54 lots of various diesel locomotives, including some attractive brass models. The steamer group is possibly the most impressive category in the auction. In the big steam arena there are 2 BIG Boys, a Cab Forward and 2 brass 2-10-2's in the OB. A few 2-8-2 Consolidations round out this special group. But that is not all for desirable steam locos. A Rivarossi Heisler and two Shays provide an opportunity to complete your logging or mining scene. In all, there are a total of 44 lots of steamers. There are 7 complete sets which would make the perfect gift for a newcomer or the quick addition of a new line.

If you need more track or power to handle any of these great options there are 37 lots of track and switches and 6 lots of power packs and electrical components.

To expand growth in cities and towns there are 38 lots of building kits and complete structures as well as 30 additional lots of miscellaneous items, which include scenery materials, vehicles and people and parts for all sorts of repairs and modifications.

Knowledge is a priceless attribute to all model railroaders and to support that premises there are 30 lots of books to enhance your library with volumes on real railroading, railroad history and model railroad construction.

Without a doubt, this broad collection of HO scale train merchandise should provide something for all enthusiasts and pocketbooks. All the details are available in the auction list which can be downloaded below, or onFacebook. A registration form and selected photos are also posted . Questions can be e-mailed to John Cullen at cullen3984@msn.com or by calling him at 303-877-6799.

2019 Auctions & CTTF Events


Date                   Gauge                 Location 

April 27th    O/S Gauge   Radisson Hotel Denver

May 4th    HO/N Gauge    Radisson Hotel Denver 

August 10th   O/S Gauge   Radisson Hotel Denver

September 21st            TBD                       TBD

October 26th              TBD                          TBD

November 9th               TBD                       TBD