August 10th - O Gauge Train Auction


The Colorado Toy Train Foundation (CTTF) in conjunction with the Colorado Toy Train Group, LLC (CTTG),  are sponsoring what is without a doubt, the most exciting O Gauge auction CTTG has ever held, on August 10th, at the Denver Radisson at 4849 Bannock Street (I-25 & I-70).  

This 454 lot, 1-day program includes some of the most beautiful toy train items  CTTG has ever offered.  It consists of 360 lots of Lionel, a couple dozen of MTH, plus other miscellaneous manufacturers.  Over 300 of the lots (68%) are in the OBs.  Of the Lionel lots, 125 are Postwar, including many scarce and “like new” items.  

A comparable collection of modern choice trains, comprise the other 175 Lionel pieces. The rolling stock offerings include over 160 freight lots, with many variations of 6464 boxcars.  The star of the group is a 6464-300, solid shield, Rutland boxcar.  This lot is expected to generate vigorous bidding activity.  The passenger category consists of 40 lots of many popular road names.  For motive power to haul this most impressive group of freight and passenger cars, there are almost 70 lots of diesel units with another nearly 30 lots of steam horsepower, for fans of that glorious era.  For lots of electric power, there are 10 choices of popular  GG-1’s.  There is still more in the power group, with another 10 lots of choice motorized units.  

The train action does not stop with just lots of individual train items.  There are over 20 lots of freight and passenger sets with the star in this category being a scarce 1945 #463 Steam Freight Set with whirly wheels.  Looking at accessories, there are over 25 lots offering opportunities to add some choice action pieces to your collection or layout.  The over 15 lots of structures and 10 lots of vehicles provide options to expand rural and urban scenes on the layout.  For expansion of the pike, there are over 15 lots of transformers and track and switches to choose from.   There is still more: over 20 lots of books and printed materials for interesting reading and expanding the breadth of the library, plus another 20 plus lots of miscellaneous parts and tools.  

Because this auction has such broad appeal, CTTG has arranged for confidential, secure, pre-auction absentee bidding.  Contact Treasurer, Rick Shetter @ 303-880-9357 for details about this program  This auction is one you do not want to miss, especially if you are a quality Lionel Postwar collector. 

The complete auction list and registration forms can be downloaded below.  

Questions can be emailed to Ken at or by calling him at 303-904-4647.  

Watch for our advertisement in the August/September edition of O Gauge Railroading magazine.

Click HERE to view auction photos.

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